Wanderings Podcast - Episode 04: Ethnomusicology with Judith Cohen

In this episode of The Wanderings Podcast, Pedro Bonatto talks to Dr. Judith Cohen, a performer and ethnomusicologist specializing in Judeo-Spanish Sephardic songs, as well as in medieval and traditional music, including Balkan, Portuguese, Yiddish, and French Canadian, pan-European balladry, and songs from Crypto-Jewish regions of the Portuguese-Spanish border.

We go on a musical journey across many centuries and many lands, from the French Canadian province of Quebec all the way to India, with stops in Spain, Morocco, Turkey and the Balkans. We talked about ethnomusicology, an area of study dealing with the relationship between people and music, and specifically about her work with Jewish Sephardic music that spread around the world.

I hope you will enjoy this fascinating talk about how music travels and refuses to respect borders, showing the common humanity shared by people from all lands.

Dr. Judith Cohen, photographed by Carlos Gárate.


Dr. Judith Cohen's website: http://www.yorku.ca/judithc/

Dr. Judith Cohen's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judith.cohen.9


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