Wanderings Podcast - Episode 03: Comic Book Art with Mike Deodato


In this episode of The Wanderings Podcast, Pedro Bonatto talks to Mike Deodato, one of the most prolific and in-demand artists comic book artists working today. Born in Brazil, Mike is world-class penciler who became a fan favorite, working in styles ranging from wildly energetic cartooning to moody photorealism. 

In this conversation Mike talks about his beginnings in comics with his dad, how he developed his unique style by taking inspiration from artists from all over the world. He told how it took 10 years working on comics in Brazil before he became “an overnight success” in the American market. Mike also described his techniques, how he taught himself how to draw, how he went from paper to digital drawing, his process of breaking down a story and his advice on getting into comics. He also talked about how he organizes his studio, his love for karate, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an artist and how even a world-class artist has to fight for the time to create independent projects to keep his creativity on the edge.

Mike Deodato at his new studio in Brazil.


Mike Deodato's website featuring his artwork: http://mikedeodatojr.tumblr.com/

Mike's Instagram: www.instagram.com/mikedeodato

Mike's Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mikedeodato



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