Wanderings Podcast - Episode 05: Art and Science with Roberta Buiani

In this episode of The Wanderings Podcast, Pedro Bonatto talks to Dr. Roberta Buiani, an interdisciplinary artist, media theorist and “ArtSci” curator based in Toronto. Buiani is the co-founder of the ArtSci Salon at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences where she explores the many intersections between art and science. 

We talked about science popularization, about art inspired by science and about innovative efforts from artists and scientists to work together, in collaborations that inform each other’s work. We discussed some of our favourite artists, including the emerging field of bio-art, and how art can serve as a tool to investigate the role of science in society.

We also talked about an exciting event coming up in April 2018 in Toronto and Ottawa organized by the ArtSci Salon. If you are in one of those cities I encourage you to check it out.

Dr. Roberta Buiani, photographed in Toronto.


Dr. Roberta Buiani's website: http://www.atomarborea.net

Art Sci Salon's website: http://artscisalon.com

Emergent Form in art and science - an interdisciplinary concept: http://artscisalon.com/emergent/


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