A journey reimagining heroes in the history of science

This work was created as part of my thesis research for a Master of Design degree at OCAD University which culminated in a solo exhibit in August 2012. The goal of the project was to create reimagined photographic representations of lesser-known figures in science history inspired by the mythology and narratives of popular science fiction and fantasy, serving as an entry point for a discussion on notions of recognition, fame and authorship in the contemporary world. 

Photographer Pedro Bonatto at the OCAD Graduate Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

The exhibit was first shown in 2012 at the Graduate Student Gallery, in Toronto, Ontario. The photos were printed on 64x40in matte epson paper, mounted on gatorboards and hung from the celling. 

You can read Pedro's Master's thesis about this work and the subject of the relationship of art and science in the context of popularization of science at this link.

Pedro Bonatto is a Brazilian-born fine art and commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He is also a percussionist, specializing in Middle Eastern music. His latest photography series, The Orientalist, which features more than 50 dancers and musicians photographed in 3 three continents.

You can also find his latest works on Facebook and Instagram.