The Bellydance Project

In 2011, I started my journey in photography by creating portraits of bellydancers in Toronto, Canada. I had been playing Arabic drums for a few years with different bands and orchestras, often accompanying dance performances, and I became fascinated with the beauty and creative fusion present in belly dance art. Over the years I had the chance to photograph and perform with a number of outstanding dancers from different backgrounds in North America, South America and Europe, where I continually developed my craft and aesthetics in a world of fantasy, history, emotion and sensuality. 

The Bellydance Project is my ongoing series about oriental dancers and their thoughtful exploration of ancient traditions, their fierce creativity into new territories, and the cross-pollination and fusion of cultures across the globe through artistic expression.

Iana in Morroco

Pedro Bonatto is a Brazilian-born fine art and commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He is also a percussionist, specializing in Middle Eastern music, playing derbake (doumbek), dahola and riq. Read more about his work here, and be sure to check his latest photography series, The Orientalist, which features more than 50 dancers and musicians photographed in 3 three continents.

You can also find his latest works on Facebook and Instagram.